Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the point of FastTopTen?

In short:
Our goal is to lighten up someone's day for just a few minutes with some fun and interesting top ten lists -or- save them a little bit of time searching for top rated items.

In long:
While there are many top ten lists out there, there aren't many that allow the reader the ability to voice their opinions and have those opinions affect the ranking of the items in the lists.
At FastTopTen, we allow and promote user opinions. All the lists are dynamic so that the items in them can move higher or lower based on the community's input. This has the added benefit of preventing the lists from getting static and outdated. How many times have you finished reading a top ten list (like top ten digital camera) only to find out that the list was dated 1999.

Q: Why does FastTopTen require a login?

For most of the basic functionalities of the site, we don't. As regular internet users ourselves, we understand how frustrating it is to have to create yet another user account.
Thus, we try hard to make available as many features of the site as possible to guests. Currently, guests can rate items in lists, submit comments, submit forum posts, and have access to the entire site. The only features we bar guests from doing are submitting new top ten lists and submitting new items to lists due to spam concerns.

Q: Why is FastTopTen's Login powered by BlueChatBox? How is BlueChatBox related to FastTopTen?

FastTopTen uses BlueChatBox's Login. FastTopTen itself does not keep accounts and only provides content and lists. In fact, all the chats on FastTopTen are also powered by BlueChatBox.

FastTopTen itself is a beloved property of BlueChatBox!

Q: Why should I use BlueChatBox?

BlueChatBox is a mobile messaging app that lets you keep up with all your FastTopTen chats, message friends, message people nearby, etc. Furthermore, it is FastTopTen's official mobile app.

For more detailed information, you can check out BlueChatBox's website.

Q: What if I don't want to download BlueChatBox?

No worries, it is not a requirement, just enjoy the site!

Q: If I can do most of everything on the site as a guest, why should I even bother signing up?

Many reasons... As a registered user, your ratings on items will count more than guests. A registered user can submit their own top ten lists and submit new items to existing lists.
Each registered user also gets their own profile page, which is our domain name followed by the user name, that shows what they rated positively and like. For example:
As FastTopTen grows, there will be more and more cool features that will be available to registered users only. Besides, it's totally free to register!

Q: What's the point of having a profile page?

The profile page helps you keep track of what you've rated positively, it lists everything you've rated in the past.
It also comes in quite handy whenever a friend need some recommendations from you on subjects like "What's are some good television shows to watch for this year?". You can simply point them to your profile page and they'll see what some of the things you like and recommend.

Q: There are some things that I've rated positively but I do NOT want others to know about or see on my profile page, what do I do?

You can hide them. In your profile page and in each item's page, there's a link shown as [hide] under the rating box. Click the link and your rating for that item will be hidden from the world.
Consequently, if you ever change your mind on an item, you can also unhide it by clicking on the [show] link under the rating box in the item page of that item.
With this feature, a user can basically customize their profile page to however they like.