Top Ten Chinese TV Drama To Watch In 2011

There're so many dramas out there and most of them aren't worth the time so it would be nice to have a list of good ones to watch.

The only requirement is that the tv drama must have English subtitles available.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms
by redmetroid - 12/21/2010

This 95 episodes epic series took five years to make and is the most expensive of any TV series made in China.  It is based off of the famous novel (multi-books) of the same name.

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Heavenly Sword Dragon Saber (2009)
by redmetroid - 11/14/2010

This series was released in China in 2009 but is listed here for 2011 as the subtitles will be finished in 2011.

It's a remake of the popular wuxia Heavenly Sword Dragon Saber series.  The worst thing about this drama is the cheesy special effects.  Th casting/acting is ok.  The storyline isn't bad since it's based off of the novel by Jin Yong.  Overall, a fun series to watch if you're a wuxia fan.

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