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Charlie Runkle (Talent Agent)
by RedTimbre - 7/9/2012 06:34 PM
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In the show Californication, Charlie Runkle (played by Evan Handler) is author Hank Moody's agent.  As well as a huge conflict of interest.  An overt sex addict and all around irresponsible handler of Moody's career interests.  For instance, he was fired from one agency for reasons of chronic masturbation (cue the video tape compiling his best-of moments); that is to say, he was too focused on the wrong sorts of climaxes.  He has several times mucked up career opportunities for Moody and even represented a literary rival.  Perversion and negligence well aside, Runkle makes a much better friend and 'bro-mosexual' (Hank's words) than he does an agent in Moody's best interest.

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