Top Spring Anime 2014

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Top Spring anime 2014

New Animes are coming guys !!!!!! I hope you enjoy


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NO game no life hell yeah!
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there are other new anime not post yet:)

Top Ten Animes

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My top 50 anime series

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After watching anime for 8 years now, I have finally decided to rank my top 50. I have watched over 200+ types of anime, and since I have watched many over this 8 year period, this ranking is not as precise as I would like it to be (due to this more recent anime may be higher up on the list).  Nonetheless these are all anime I thoroughly enjoyed and have been the cause of numerous sleepless nights.

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why do i only see 2 anime eh?
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Are you fucking kidding me?
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Top Ten Concert Films

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Is a great concert film merely a recording of a great concert? Or is there something more that makes a concert film a work of art in and of itself? To answer this question, let’s examine some of the greatest and most influential concert films ever made. Entries can be from any musical genre from any country. The only thing that matters is that the films in question revolve around a live musical performance.

Top Ten Musician Biopics

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A Jimi Hendrix biopic starring a rapper and featuring zero of the guitarist's music has been screening at film festivals.  While the film seems to be fairing well nonetheless, it is certainly not the first of its kind; in fact it follows a tradition of hedonistic sixties rock stars whose life stories have been adapted for the big screen with no drug cliche removed.  Of course, most don't have the music removed either (kind of a huge blow for a film of this genre).  Here's ten of the best.

Top Ten Film Characters Who Never Fully Realized Their Superhuman Potential

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Imagine if Wolverine only used his retractible claws to scratch those hard to reach places on his back. Or if Spider-Man ditched crime-fighting to make hammocks full-time.  Or what if Cyclops was just a sunglasses model?  You get what I'm saying here.  It'd  be a ridiculous waste of their superhuman abilities.

Given an unusual amount of power, the expectation is that you take advantage of it and apply in some grandiose way.  As Uncle Ben said, "With great power comes great responsibility."  Which means, if you are a human spider, don't just enter the circus. Foil bank robberies and sponsor Spider-themed charity events.

This is the idea.

But not everyone ends up realizing their potential.  This might be to do with the ineptitude of the character, or of the writer behind them, but some leave all their ambition on the couch. They say you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but some don't even consider the horse at all.  Here are 10 film characters whose superpowers are completely wasted on them.

Top Ten Blaxploitation Films

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In the 1970s, a new genre of movies arose in the United States: blaxploitation. Designed for urban black audiences, the films freely borrowed from other genres like horror, gangster, action, and sexploitation while featuring predominately black performers. Even more notably, the films were a gateway for many black filmmakers and artists to find exposure in an industry that was usually closed to them. Here are some of the all-time greatest films from the genre.

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10 Reasons Saturday Night Live Is Slipping And Why We Tune In Anyway

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Long-time fans of SNL often have a love-hate relationship with the show.  Like a combustible romance, you love it at the best of times and loathe it at the worst.  Lately it's been feeling a lot like the latter, as the series undergoes massive image overhauls, cast turnovers, and writing slumps.  Will it survive?  Either way, we still seem to care.  And here's why.

Top Ten Breakfast Cereals that Are Basically Just Candy Plus Vitamins and Minerals

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For the more nutrition-conscious amongst us, a breakfast well-had involves some combination of egg whites, grape fruit, and perhaps a dollup of yogurt.  For dietary libertines, the best possible breakfast involves either a) lots of fat or b) lots of sugar.  For those in the b) camp, plenty of options exist on the shelves of your local grocer's cereal aisle.  

A lot of cereal looks like button-pushing social experiments to see how many half-responsible moms will actually buy such outrageous products for her children, boxes of outright candy operating under the guise of nutrional supplements.  And while many moms could care less what their kids eat as long as it's on sale, it just so happens  that most cereal (regardless of sugar content) does act as a delivery system for basic nutrition, albeit piggy backing as discreetly as a bacon ranch salad.  

So while yes, a lot of food out there is empty garbage, a lot of sugar-frosted cereal is garbage PLUS a good portion of magnesium and iron.  Here are 10 in particular that are at least 3% not entirely candy (And you thought reading the cereal box was a waste of time...).


Top Ten Bizarre Vintage Medical Treatments

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What does crocodile poop, leeches, LSD, and tapeworms have in common? They were all used at one time to treat various medical ailments! Learn more about these treatments, and several other bizzare medical remedies once practiced. No doubt these will shock and surprise you, as well as make you certainly appreciate the advancement of modern medicine!