Top Ten Anime in Fall 2014

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Top ten anime that start in fall 2014

Start by adding the promising, most anticipated ones. ;)

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Aukatsuki to yona

Top Ten People Who Take Animals Far More Seriously than You Do

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Sure, you may love animals. You may even call yourself an animal-lover because you proudly identify as vegan.  You may own both a cat and a dog, and feed them better than you yourself eat—spoiling them with the pricey, gluten free stuff, while you eat tofu off the floor.  But even this high regard for domestic animals is nothing close to the level of attention paid by various individuals, cultures, groups and organizations on this list to animals you don't really need to encounter if you don't want to.  Here are ten people who are really preoccupied with critters they see as more than just casual acquaintances.  

(Note:  the fact that these people take these animals seriously isn't to say that they love them or don't kill them on purpose).

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Theme parks

Top Ten Songs About Clothing

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You know how fashion models always get asked "who are you wearing?" Well, in the case of these songs, it might actually be a singer/songwriter from the sixties, as several musical artists have made the subject of their muse a wearable article of clothing.  These songs usually carry subliminal messages beneath their superficial content matter, but taken at face value, these singers appear to wear their hearts on their sleeves and their sleeves on their hearts.  As far as the general public is concerned, that's good enough.  Here are ten songs about shoes and shirts.

Top Ten Scary Movies to Watch on Halloween

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What's better to do on Halloween, other than to binge out on candy and pumpkin-flavored beer, than to binge watch every horror movie you've ever heard of (and some you haven't).  You could phone up your obscure Japanese film buff friend for some recommendations on films involving businessmen having their eyeballs ripped out by innocent-seeming nubiles.  Or you could tune in to virtually any basic cable channel and watch a back-to-back marathon of horror classics.  If you go for the latter, here are a few movies you must catch.

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it is the best

Most powerful one piece groups

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This list is dedicated to any group that when you watch them go to work just makes you want to say. " HOLY CRAP THAT'S AWESOME"

Groups include pirate crews, alliances and organizations. All entries must originate from One Piece. 

Top Ten John Oliver Rants

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If you've never watched an episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, you should start.  For the uninitiated, LWT is essentially to the Daily Show what Curb Your Enthusiasm is to Seinfeld--premium cable libertarianism featuring the guy on the side who stole the show.  While the Daily Show via John Stewart satirized television news media, Oliver tackles social issues with an activistic directness, an affably comedic bite, and a charming British accent.  In many ways LWT is as much entertainment as it is an effective call to action against commonplace injustices that require more than just jokes.  Here are ten of Oliver's best rants.

Gaming zone

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Whch game u play a most? and recomemind othrs to play.

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call of duty modern warfare 2
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Dota 2

Top Ten Movies About Apes

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Apes aren't too different from man.  They may be harrier, more hunched over, less intelligent... Actually that may be a perfect way to describe your boss, or someone you went to college with.  However,  there are a number of films out there that lead us to ask, "In what way is any of us really superior?"  If intellect is the best response, you're clearly new to the internet.  Here are ten movies about apes, for better or for worse. 

Top Ten Advertising Mascots More Famous than the Products They Sell

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In advertising, it's all about earning public favor.  And what easier way to do so than through a catchy jingle or some cartoon character that's just silly enough to make you forget how desperate he actually is to sell you raisin bread or car insurance.  In some cases these little advertising creations have successfully pervaded the public consciousness in a way that's simultaneously harmless and fraught with ulterior motive.  In any case, here are ten that roam freely amongst our cultural habitats, and transcend the products they were originally designed to hawk.

The Top Ten Greatest Punk Albums

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Spitting, snarling, shouting, and screaming, punk music screeched its way into existence in the mid-70s in countless garages and bars in the United States. From there punk would become a global phenomenon, giving birth to countless bands that rallied against the establishment with bleeding fists and cheap guitars. Here is a list of ten of the greatest punk albums; the albums that revolutionized the genre and paved the way for future generations of musicians. In the interest of fairness, this original list only includes one entry per band. The entries are also arranged in chronological order of their first release. But remember, at fasttoptens you can add your own entries and vote for the number one slot! So feel free to add as many other great punk albums as you want!

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