Top animes that are underrated

posted by Sucker
last activity 3/2/2015 06:05 AM

There are lots of animes underrated . Something like Magi etc . Yea... This is a list for opinions. For thoughts. For people to list out their animes which they think it is really underrated and need more views and support . Oh yes , Shinsekai Yori is also underrated

Top ten amazing visual anime

posted by JustNastii
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Anime with great visual makes anime lover addicted to it..

posted 2/8/2015 12:15 PM
Score: 50%
add any anime that catch your eyes to watch's can be awesome or beautiful..the art of anime that makes anime lover love..

My top Humor or Comedy Anime

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(N0te: This is not in order) I'm too lazy to put much detail on it, but I do guarantee that the anime's pretty funny.

posted 2/23/2015 09:05 PM
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Air gear

Top ten anime songs

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last activity 2/27/2015 06:58 AM

Every anime have they great song..

Top 25 Anime of Fall 2014

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So We Just Finish 2014 & i know lots of people wanna know the best anime from last season so here you have it!

Watch The Video & then Vote for your Favorite! :)

Top ten romantic comedy anime

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Rank your romantic comedy anime..add any anime that has this genre..if can please add anime that really2 give attention on romantic comedy..

Top Ten Former SNL Cast Members

posted by RedTimbre
last activity 2/16/2015 08:35 PM

Saturday Night Live aired its 40th anniversary celebration special last night.  On it was cast members, hosts, writers, and special guests spanning the show's entire history and dating back to its 1975 origin.  While it was a mostly self-congratulatory affair, there is no doubt that it is responsible for producing some of the best comedy stars of the last half century, for which comedy in general should be grateful.  For your consideration (and ranking ability), here are ten of the best former castmembers from SNL's 40-year (and counting) history.

Top crappy animated images

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Just as not every anime can be a winner, not every animated image can, either! With all those still frames to deal with, you can bet some stinkers are going to slip past quality control. They always do.

posted 2/10/2015 07:40 AM
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tick on expand..hermmmmm..
posted 2/10/2015 06:49 AM
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Where's the images?

Gay marriage or nah

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should gay marrige me legal? in my opinion it should be legal. The reason it should be legal is because we should be able to marry who we want even if it's the same sex as us. The government does NOT get to decide who we love or who we can marry or not

Top Ten Comedy Podcasts

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Comedy used to be extroverted, superficial, orchestrated--defined by the likes of Jerry Lewis and Johnny Carson--as a series of lies devised to sell laundry detergent.  Now it's been dismantled, deconstructed, and demystefied to the point where comedy has become a direct, intimate line of communication between speaker and receiver and attainable by anybody.  This indie-rock-ification of comedy is much to the credit of the comedy podcast boom.  There are a lot of them out there now, some much better than others, offering comedy fans inside tips, human relatability, updates, and most of all--comedy!  Here are ten of the best.