top 10 strongest fairy tail characters

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Karyu No........ HOKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top Ten Covers of Bob Dylan Songs

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Bob Dylan, like a hurricane, is a force whose impact simply can't be ignored.  His voice, in all its raw simplicity, was source material which not only defined generations of songwriters to follow, but which was distinct enough to allow his songs to be reinterpretted with complete objectivity.  Here are ten examples of which.

Top Ten Best Non-Central Seinfeld Characters

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Seinfeld was the perfect sitcom.  Contentious, both self-aware and socio-culturally-conscious, charming, enduring, consistent...the adjectives go on. The show had great concepts, great comic timing, great jokes, expertly-deployed hooks, and most of all, great characters.  We all know the central four, each so well-defined and true to form, but some of the most memorable characters only showed up occasionally, for a single episode, or even just for a single gag.  Here are ten of the best.

Most powerful anime Mechas

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Those big bad robots that have power that blow you away, this is their list.

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Ifinite Stratos count as mechas.

Most awesome scientists

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This anime list is for those characters that can love science and still kick their fair share of butt

The Top Ten Thrash Albums

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In the early 1980s, a new form of heavy metal emerged from the garages of Southern California and Europe. Driven by churning lower register rhythms and surgically precise shredding, thrash metal would conquer the metal scene for much of the decade. Here is a list of the greatest thrash metal albums ever recorded. In the interest of fairness, this original list only includes one entry per band. The entries are also arranged in chronological order of their first release. But remember, at fasttoptens you can add your own entries and vote for the number one slot! So feel free to add as many other great thrash metal albums as you want!

Top Ten Film Parodies

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Satire exists at its best to reveal an uneasy truth through a comedic lubricant. At its worst, it's a Wayan Brothers movie.  While the first two Scary Movies paved the way for a relentless franchise of lowbrow schtickery and baselessly topical pop-culture references supplanting jokes, a great tradition of film parody exists to assure us that its not all unfunny.  Here are ten funny film parodies to help you forget the money you spent on a ticket to see Epic Movie.

Most one sided fights

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Basicly any fight that one party never had a chance of winning.

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ichigo vs aizen last fight

The Top Ten Double Albums

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Double albums can be tricky affairs, even for the most talented musicians. The struggle to balance length with freshness and creativity can prove overwhelming, and the discount bins are brimming with sub-par double albums doomed for obscurity. But great double albums are the stuff of legend and genius. So I have created a list of ten of the best double albums ever made. I have strived to include as many different artists and genres as possible. I limited this initial list to only one entry per artist as well as arranging it in chronological order of their first release dates. Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment, vote, and add as many other entries as you like!!

The Top Ten Canadian Rock Bands

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Though frequently overshadowed by their peers in America and Great Britain, Canada has a rich musical culture that has made important contributions to the continuing evolution of rock ‘n’ roll. Here are ten of the most important and influential such groups. It should be noted that entries must be a BAND, not a solo act.